Pre Spraying

A technician will spray your carpets before the clean, with a biodegradable cleaning solution that helps loosen and stubborn stains and soiling.

Spot Treatments

After the deep clean, if there are any stubborn stains remaining, we will apply the specific solution for tea, coffee, red wine, fruit juices, pets, oil/grease, and even rust etc.

Odour Removal

This is especially useful for when tenancies end and if there have been heavy smokers or pets in the property. Our deoderising services will neutralise any odours and leave a freshness to the property.

Furniture Cleaning & Rejuvenation

The team at Auckland Carpet Cleaning are experts in all types of furniture fabrics. Our team will  assess the item of furniture to be cleaned to determine the best process – taking into account the fabric type and instructions from manufacturers – checking for things like colour fastness. 

Your furniture is then sprayed prior to cleaning with our biodegradable spray to loosen stains and soiling and then fully cleaned using an extraction process and specialised upholstery tools. 

Your furniture will take approximately 4 hours to dry, depending on the time of the year and the flow of air through the house.

Fabric Protection

When you have your furniture regularly cleaned – it can significantly extend the life of the fabric. 

We also recommend a lasting fabric protection treatment be applied to prevent permanent staining. This gives you peace of mind to live your life – especially with pets or children in the house!

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